Member Audience Launch Article – In Need of Beta Testers

Running a membership organization can be difficult. This is especially true when you are a volunteer with other responsibilities to juggle. Between managing communication, taking payments, and event planning, there’s just a lot that needs to be done and not a lot of time to do it.

Or at least that was the case until Member Audience.

How it All Started

Created by Justin Reed and Nick Partridge, Member Audience is an online platform that facilitates the management of membership organizations. Thanks to its simple and intuitive design, Member Audience gives its users the ability to efficiently complete all their tasks in one place – you can update members data, send out mass emails, take payment, read and analyze engagement reports, and so much more!

It all started when, one day while catching up at a family gathering, Justin and Nick started discussing some of the problems they face while trying to run their own membership organizations.

Justin, a board member of his homeowners association, had difficulty communicating with his neighbors. Emails got lost often, with people never receiving them because they were sent to junk and spam folders or because of some data entry error. Furthermore, he found it difficult to manage membership dues or to organize committees of volunteers. As a result, simple management tasks often took longer to complete because his homeowners association did not have the tools to get everything done efficiently.

For his part, Nick, the president of his alumni fraternity organization, shared his own difficulties with keeping his members list updated. He also discussed the challenges in event organizing, how he never knew if people were reading the reminders being sent out, and how much time it took to do all of these things manually.

Because they were both time-strapped volunteers, they needed a way to accomplish their tasks efficiently. As they continued to talk, they found that while they could think of numerous tech solutions that addressed these individual problems, none seemed equipped to handle all of them at once, and the idea of switching from platform to platform and creating multiple accounts and subscriptions just to do very basic management seemed way too troublesome. They needed something that could do it all, do it quickly, and do it right.

That’s when they had an epiphany. Given their backgrounds in software development and business, they decided that if there was no single platform that could help time-strapped volunteers like them, then they should create one themselves.

And so, Member Audience was born.

What is Member Audience?

What sets Member Audience apart from other platforms is that it was created specifically with membership organizations in mind. Because it only uses the most relevant pieces of technology to build its platform, Member Audience is not bloated with extra features you do not need, making user experience intuitive and simple.

Automation is the key to Member Audience’s efficiency. For example, subscribers can easily process payments for membership dues, events, and donations. Furthermore, not only can you send emails to all of the members on your list at once, you can also track which ones have been opened, you can track link clicks, replies, and see who has not received your messages. This not only makes mass communication simpler, but it also helps you identify problems faster so you can resolve them quicker.

Engagement reports also allow you to see who has been logging into the portal, keeping their information updated, making payments, and attending events. With this data, you can adapt your strategy to better connect with your members, be it by tweaking your messaging or simply sending out more reminders for any important dates or upcoming deadlines.

Member Audience’s ability to identify possible volunteers by looking at members’ profiles. Because Member Audience gives its subscribers the option to fill out their personal and professional interests, you can easily assess whether potential volunteers have the skill sets and experience to match the needs of your organization.

Member Audience hopes to become the platform for volunteer-run membership organizations. Through its robust tools and intuitive design, it will allow to get the work done quickly instead of wasting time worrying over logistics.

Now Looking for Beta Testers

If you are a board member of a homeowners association, take advantage of this year-long free opportunity to become a beta tester. As part of this promotion, you’ll get access to all the features mentioned above for free while also giving valuable feedback needed to take Member Audience to the next level.

Do not waste another minute trying to jump through hurdles to keep your membership organization running smoothly. Join Member Audience’s beta test team for free and take back your time today.